Beautiful, even, shiny curls can only be in advertising means to care for them – this is the opinion of most women. And it is not groundless, because, how many before this belief was tried shampoos, balms, masks, creams and much more. And, it seems that nothing will help the hair to be obedient. But there is a tool, or rather an instrument with which you can achieve the desired – flat iron. A personal hairdresser who is always at hand. But how can they be properly used, if it does not hurt, what, apart from straightening, can they do?
Before packing, the hair must be dried. If there is not enough time to dry, they can be a bit damp, but it’s not worth it. All because the thermal effect in combination with excessive moisture can irrevocably change the structure of the hair, from which it quickly deteriorates. The tips begin to be broken, broken, electrified, etc.

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Shelbyville is fortunate to have a full range of health care facilities.

Shelby Memorial Hospital

200 S. Cedar
Shelbyville, IL

Shelby Memorial Hospital is a fully accredited general acute care facility with 52 licensed beds and 230 employees.  There are 10 active medical staff physians and 27 consulting physians.   Shelby Memorial Hospital offers inpatient, outpatient, and surgical services as well as skilled care nursing unit. It has a state of the art emergency room.

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