Beautiful, even, shiny curls can only be in advertising means to care for them – this is the opinion of most women. And it is not groundless, because, how many before this belief was tried shampoos, balms, masks, creams and much more. And, it seems that nothing will help the hair to be obedient. But there is a tool, or rather an instrument with which you can achieve the desired – flat iron. A personal hairdresser who is always at hand. But how can they be properly used, if it does not hurt, what, apart from straightening, can they do?
Before packing, the hair must be dried. If there is not enough time to dry, they can be a bit damp, but it’s not worth it. All because the thermal effect in combination with excessive moisture can irrevocably change the structure of the hair, from which it quickly deteriorates. The tips begin to be broken, broken, electrified, etc.

How to effectively use flat iron

Exposure to high temperatures, even without moisture, can destroy hair, therefore it is recommended to use an auxiliary supply of protective equipment, such as a thermal protective spray or milk. You can also use foam before straightening, and apply hair spray after straightening.
Clean and dried locks should be divided into parts, so that they can be released, starting with the back of the head. Grasping flat iron lock at the very roots, you need to move with constant movement to the tips. Keep flat iron best by straight hair growth. So it will be possible to keep the volume at the roots.
For owners of damaged, dry or thin curls have their own rules for using flat iron for hair. Let’s start with “impossible”: You can choose it here: more details in flat iron reviews.

  • under no pretext can not begin straightening, if the hair is wet;
  • use models that have metal plates;
  • apply the highest temperature.

How to be?

If a woman is not an enemy to her health, she will certainly follow the following recommendations:
– always use protective and nutrients;
– choose the correct length for a flat iron: long hair – 5-7 cm, short – 2.5 cm;
– if the hair is thin and weak, it is better to choose flat iron with a temperature regulator;
– Ceramic, tourmaline or Teflon flat iron plates are considered safe, metal ones are unsafe, they quickly destroy hair.
– Additional functions of flat iron for hair, such as: vitaminization or ionization, will help to keep them healthy.