logoThe city of Shelbyville sits on a bluff that overlooks the Kaskaskia Valley in the midst of America’s richest farmland.  With the population of 4,943, located at the dam of Lake Shelbyville, providing attractive opportunities for residents  and visitors. Early settlers developed the area with the help from the Kickapoo Indians.  The city of Shelbyville was founded in 1827, the name was chosen to commemorate Isaac Shelby, a Revolutionary War general.  Abraham Lincoln was a frequent visitor to Shelbyville, while riding his circuit.  The city became host for many of Lincoln’s famous debates for civil liberties against Anthony Thornton and election debates against Stephen A. Douglas.

Shelbyville is fortunate to have a full range of health care facilities.

Shelby Memorial Hospital

200 S. Cedar
Shelbyville, IL

Shelby Memorial Hospital is a fully accredited general acute care facility with 52 licensed beds and 230 employees.  There are 10 active medical staff physians and 27 consulting physians.   Shelby Memorial Hospital offers inpatient, outpatient, and surgical services as well as skilled care nursing unit. It has a state of the art emergency room.

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Sparks College:

A private institute offering career and vocational programs.

131 S. Morgan Street, Shelbyville, IL   774-5112  

Lake Land Jr. College:

Located at Mattoon, IL  27 miles southeast of Shelbyville.

South Rt. 45, Mattoon, IL 217-234-LAKE

Eastern Illinois University:

Located at Charleston, IL  37 miles southeast of Shelbyville.

217-581-2223 or 1-800-252-5711

Millikin University:

Located at Decatur, IL  35 miles northwest of Shelbyville


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City of Shelbyville

Shelbyville has a city government by a mayor elected for four years and 4 City Council members elected for four year term. The city Council has the final say over planning and zoning issues, liquor licences, and city spending. City Hall houses the offices of the Mayor, City Clerk, CityTreasurer, Water/Sewer Dept., and the Police Dept. The City Council meets twice monthly, on the first and third Mondays at 7:00 p.m. at City Hall. City Hall is located at 170 E. Main with office hours 8:00a.m. until 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

E-Mail Address: cityhall@bmmhnet.com
Telephone #:  217-774-5531

Gary Crowder
City Council Members:
Charlie Johnston
Andy Cichalewski
Tom Coventry
Joe Beck

          The city provides a number of services to the community through its various departments. The Street Department takes care of streets, alleys, sidewalks, and storm drainage. The Water Department treats and distributes water throughout the city and area from the city’s well fields. Shelbyville has an ample water supply both for industry and residential use. The Sewer Department maintains sewer lines and operates the treatment plant. The Public Grounds and Buildings Department maintains the parks, Glenwood Cemetery and all city owned buildings.


Beautiful, even, shiny curls can only be in advertising means to care for them – this is the opinion of most women. And it is not groundless, because, how many before this belief was tried shampoos, balms, masks, creams and much more. And, it seems that nothing will help the hair to be obedient. But there is a tool, or rather an instrument with which you can achieve the desired – flat iron. A personal hairdresser who is always at hand. But how can they be properly used, if it does not hurt, what, apart from straightening, can they do?
Before packing, the hair must be dried. If there is not enough time to dry, they can be a bit damp, but it’s not worth it. All because the thermal effect in combination with excessive moisture can irrevocably change the structure of the hair, from which it quickly deteriorates. The tips begin to be broken, broken, electrified, etc.

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There are scented aromatherapy candles and there are scented candles and the two aren’t necessarily the same. If you would rather get a candle that not only smells pleasant but has a rejuvenating effect on your mind, body and spirit then you need to know the difference. So how can you choose and make sure that you get what you pay for?

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Aromatherapy essential oils are commonly available today and come in a range of price points. However, it is worth investing time in understanding aromatherapy to really get the most out of using oils to provide relief from various symptoms and problems.

Does Wonders For The Way That You Will Feel

There is no doubting that aromatherapy essential oils will do wonders for your feelings, which will make you feel as if you have been transported from one place to a different one altogether. These essential oils are the core of such changes in feelings and thus it would be in your best interests to get to know what it is that you are spraying and massaging your skin with.

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Most of us, when browsing through the oil and lotion sections in Bath and Body Works, or other aromatherapy stores, just skim the list of ingredients in the bottle and only focus on how good the product smells. Fragrance is important, but what is really essential is how the stuff inside the bottle will benefit you and your senses.

The best part about aromatherapy is how it makes you feel, and how far away the scent can take you from reality. Essential oils are the heart of the aromatherapy products. Here are some basic facts about aromatherapy essential oil:

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Essential Oil Can Help Relieve Snoring

If you live with a snorer then you know how frustrating this condition can be and how few remedies other than ear plugs really helped. However, recently, a newly developed aromatherapy technique that utilizes an essential oil can aid those who are affected by snoring.

If considering the use of this aromatherapy method to aid in minimizing snoring it is important to understand what ingredients comprise this essential oil for snoring, how the essential oil for snoring performs and the benefits that can be derived from using this method of aromatherapy.

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